Leibovitz attacked for not photographing someone right

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This is so funny

TDL2024 wrote:

coplain that she wasn't right for the job because she wasn't black.

The basis for it can only be the premise that all white people are racist towards black people, which is a very narrow minded aproach(despite the fact that technically it is valid). It is also worth nothing that this photographer is more than just white. She is a woman and belongs to a certain etnic background(and maybe more).

At this point i can easily claim she was attacked for her ethnicity and not skin color(that was just a pretext). Prove me wrong.

But who wants to slip into segregation here? There are so many groups of people on earth, not just blacks. Black being a general term, since the black race itself is divided in hundreds of ethnicities that don't necessarily like each other.

Same with white people. Anyone who thinks i have the slightest affiliation with an anglo-saxon is very much wrong.

Conclusion: there is a need for more diversity, but that diversity itself must be diverse, meaning going beyond black and white and man/female stereotypes.

The world is not ethnically, culturally and economically homogenous, like Vogue magazine staff and DPR are. We need to be aware of that 😁

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