Is the Canon EOS R a 1 and done

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Re: Is the Canon EOS R a 1 and done

zman2596 wrote:

No official word but it’s looking like the R and RP could be one and dones. They were stop gaps/intros to the Canon RF line. It looks like they are going to fill out their model lines with the new numbering system. I think they will still be produced for a while. I love my canon RP, which was my first mirrorless body.

I think the RP line is safe (although it may gain a number instead of RP mk II.). It was launched at $1300 and now sell at $999. The R6 is simply in a different price bracket, so the RP will continue as the cheap-as-possible FF gateway to RF.

IMO The R and R6 are too close on cost ($2300 vs $2400 at launch) for an R mk II that is a similarly priced evolution.  It could go up market and fit in the $3000-3500 price gap between R5 and R6 but if that was the plan, why didn't they leave themselves a gap in the numbering system? Calling the R6 the R7 would have made a lot of sense (echoing the 7D line but as a FF) and let them use the 6 for this theoretical upmarket R mk II.

A future lineup that goes RP Mk II > R6 > R mk II > R5 > R1 just seems a too illogical naming convention for Canon to tie themselves in to.

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