Anyone else going to wait for 5D Mark V

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Historically, Canon makes clean breaks, and Nikon offers more legacy compatibility. Look at F mount vs EF. They've been supporting the same basic mount since the 1950s. Nikon still offers new film cameras and still makes manual focus lenses like the Ai-S 28/2.8.

When I heard about the R5, my first thought was that Canon was going all in on mirrorless, in a way that looks a lot like how they switched from FD to EF when EOS was introduced. Except, in this case they at least made the R series backwards compatible with EF lenses. Forcing everyone to abandon their FD lenses must have lost them a bunch of customers, but they made enough money selling the new EF lenses, and they had some pretty great cameras to help win new ones and even keep some of the angry ones.

Early on in this thread, somebody said something about when EF came out, well, you can always turn off AF. Yes, but no. If you're ever shot with something like a new F-1 or a T90, and then tried MF on an EOS body, you know that that's a real step backwards. No split prism. Crappy little MF rings. Lousy (well, really, no) damping. For most people, switching to mirrorless, after the discomfort of learning some new habits, will not be nearly as disruptive as switching from a T-90 to an EOS 1.

Anyway, if you want the 20 FPS, you're not going to get that with a mirror. Nor are you going to get Eye AF, or AF tracking across the frame. Does everyone need these features? No. But the competition is selling a fair amount of cameras because of them.

I rather doubt we'll see a 5DV, but that's just my guess based on how Canon has made their paradigm shifts in the past. I think that, if you really want to stick with DSLRs for a lot longer, you might look at Nikon, or, if you're adventurous, Pentax.

Agree, just thinking, the change from FD to EF was in a different period, the market was growing. These days, partly because of mobile phones, the market is shrinking. Then it is much more important to keep current customers as getting new customers is difficult. However, I don't have enough information, this may be wrong.

I would like to think that manufacturers today would want to keep their legacy customers, but, Nikon is (so far) doing nothing to support their screw drive lenses on Z, and Sony has done nearly nothing at all in the last few years to try to keep their A mount customers. At least partly because of the dramatic break that Canon made with EF (all electronic), they are so far providing the best support for their SLR lenses on their mirrorless bodies.

that is exactly the reason why i have stuck with canon since 2006, it is called "customer respect and understanding"!

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