Lowest price on a new gray market 5ds

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Re: Lowest price on a new gray market 5ds

Macro guy wrote:

MitchAlsup wrote:

Guillermo Shashte wrote:

Is Canon dumping these cameras in the US. The price has been going down from about $1150 a few weeks ago and now is below 1K.

Canon dumping--no

Some buyers bought several shipping containers of these camera and are trying to unload them before the "community at large" figures out they are yesterday's toys.

To some, these are toys to be discarded for something shiny and new. Yet, to others, these are powerful tools that can be had for a fraction of what one would pay for something comparable and new.


i love that, a great camera for 1/4th of the original price, and it will be just as good and versatile for another decade!

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