iPad Pro - a new future for my hobby

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Re: iPad Pro - a new future for my hobby

I've been playing around with the iPadPro for a while now, and also as a non adobe person, lookng for an ideal way of using this tool.

My idea is to use this when travelling instead of a laptop for a whole host of reasons around both size and weight, but not really wanting or needing a full laptop experience. If I need that, I'll just take the laptop.

So far I've settled on using Files as the storage medium rather than using photo's and an external drive connected via USB for backup (the smaller physical size the better).

Apps wise I have Pixelmater Photo, which works well with Files and can be used as an image browser (also got RAW Power) but tend to go back to Pixelmator Photo. This lets me do the basic editing and culling.

I then use Affinity Photo on the iPad if I want to dig deaper, either via Pixelmator Photo for initial raw conversion then launch Affinity from within Pixelmater via  the 'shared' menu with edits, or direct to Affinity from the Pixelmator browser window (or indeed direct from Files).

I find Affinity really powerful, but as many have said, maybe not the best raw converter?

At home I use Capture One as the main dam and editing tool, backed up by Affinity when again I want to dig a bit deeper. All iPad generated Affinity edits are 100% compatible with the desktop versions, so I can start on either platform and finish on the other, which is fun.

My biggest wish is Captire One on the iPad, but I'll settle for Pixelmator Photo/RAW Power and Affinity as required.



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