Rebels and focus microadjust

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Re: Rebels and focus microadjust

I think it may depend on the copy.  I have successfully used the Tamron 150-600mm lens with a Canon T3i (600D) camera and Canon T7i (800D) camera without MFA.  Lately, I have been exploring whether the images are soft at 600mm FL.  It seems if I don't hold the camera steady enough at full focal length, then it's been my fault.  I know when I get sloppy by moving the lens too much even at fast shutter speeds, then I noticed the soft images when I zoomed up to look at them in detail.  This past weekend, I concentrated on holding the lens more steady, and I got positive results; that is the images were much sharper.

Here's one example at 600mm FL.  I show many more examples of photos with that lens weekly on the Show Your Snaps thread.

You could take a chance to see how that lens does with the Canon T4i (650D) camera.  If it does look like it needs MFA, then you might look at something different like the Canon 80D or 90D.

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