Lightweight non-TTL automatic Flashes.

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Re: Lightweight non-TTL automatic Flashes.

bharathmsk wrote:

Everyone, I am looking for a not-necessarily-a-TTL flash, which allows auto-modes if needed through an extra photo-sensor on flash body. It would also be great if the flash allows power compensation/adjustment settings (e.g., 1/8th of the power metered). I see that some bigger Nikon & Metz speedlights currently do support these options, but are there more lightweight/portable counterparts? E.g., something along the lines of a Metz 28 C-2 or slightly bigger?

Thanks very much for the help!

I think the Godox TT350 is the smallest, more conventional flash with all the functions. There is a Meike mk320 that some use as a pocket sized flash.

I've seen the Godox under the Flashpoint brand for $50 refurbished.

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