What inexpensive telephoto lens?

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Re: What inexpensive telephoto lens?

wb2trf wrote:

I just picked up today a very bargain priced e-m10 Mark III. Besides playing around with it for short term amusement, I was thinking maybe it could replace my aging Canon SX-50HS for casual bird and wildlife photography and provide noticeably better IQ. I'm only opportunistic, not serious, about this class of photography, but am happy to bring home from travels the random eagle or grizzly bear photo.

For this purpose my plan is to try it out with an old 300mm Canon FD MF prime that I have (not being used). If it seems like the images are interesting then I'd buy a non-pro lens that will do similar, but with AF and that is smaller, much smaller. I see there is a 75-300mm Oly and a 100-300mm Panasonic (with new-to-me compatibility limits).

Is this a crazy plan? What would folks here recommend for a casual birding lens?

(As, fyi, I have a large lens ecosystem built around Sony mirrorless and shoot landscape and portrait with that. That's where my heart is. I don't have any telephoto lenses for that and consider the physical size and price of such FF lenses incompatible with my only modest interest in birds and wildlife.)

I really appreciate and comments you knowledgeable folks might be able to offer.

The Olympus 75-300 can be sharp in good light. I find it somewhat slow at obtaining good focus. Here are a couple where the target wasn't moving taken at 300mm.

And here is one with a moving target. I had to fix it a little by using Lightroom's Enhance Details and then Sharpen AI Focus, which helped.  FL was only 187mm for this one.

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