Panasonic 100-400 question (again)

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Re: Panasonic 100-400 question (again)

That's a damn good  question.  I have the same dilemma.  I have a Canon 100-400 L lens and it is a beast and a beauty.  Beastly heavy and excellent sharpness.  I am seriously thinking of trading my Canon  7 d II camera and canon lens for a Olympus MI mark Ii and a 300 or 400 Olympus lens when it comes out.  My Canon 100-400 lens is equivalent to 640 mm with the 1.6 crop factor.  To get to 800mm I have to come up with another 160mm worth of crop, if my figures are right,  Mathmatically that's a 40% crop, which is on the boarder of how much you can do and still keep resolution.  Sooo I don't know the answer.

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