One dumb question about studio photography

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Re: One dumb question about studio photography

I am an amateur, but afaik 50mm focal length is more akin to the human eye, and so if you used a 35mm focal length and placed your camera close up to an object, the outer areas of the subject will afaik be distorted (distorted perspective). Presumably close ups of somebody's face is problematic when filling the frame, and I suspect is prone to perspective distortion that way. Hm, I haven't thought about this before, but perhaps longer focal lenghts, more than 50mm can help counter the expected perspective distortions when filling the frame with somebody's face and having the camera close up to somebody?

When I take photos of scale models, I like to counter that perspective distortion by keeping my camera a meter away from the subject, and then use the zoom, to get a more flat picture, usually more flat than necessary because then I think it looks like you took a photo of the subject from afar.

Having said that I suspect that the things I thought I knew from working with CGI suff, might be inadequate when talking about photography.

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