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Re: E.Zuiko 100mm f3.5 (for Pen-F system)

Travis Butler wrote:

fferreres wrote:

Could it be our eyes have some aberrations, so our brain is correcting them through a vast and complex neural process, such that when we are presented with the real object already flattened and we inspect it, it doesn’t sound real? I also got the same feeling from my Zuiko Pro 12-40, a really amazing piece with great photos, but then it’s quite good, almost perfectly boring.

The closest thing I've been able to come up with is a combination:

  • I know it's kind of a bugaboo of mine... but to me, it seems like lenses with 'clinical' rendering tend to flatten the range of tonal shades, leaving out subtle tonal variations and leading to harsher transitions between objects and colors. Lenses like this can have very high resolution, and even high apparent sharpness, but the rendering feels sterile.
  • Also, 'clinical' lenses for me typically have relatively desaturated, flat colors. The sort of neutral cast you'd want for technical documentation, but without any real flavor.

I don't feel that way.

I regard modern lenses as rather sharp, much "truer" in the interpretation of detail and color than vintage ones (not that color should be a concern with digital photography since with a few clicks it can be adjusted to taste).

What modern lenses often do is render "too much" of reality where then the viewer gets lost in understanding the message a photographer was trying to convey. Too much and the eye starts to wonder and analyze instead of absorb the essence and spirit intended by the photographer.

Not unlike lenses that are deemed too sharp for portrait where they can "ruin" the final result of a lady's portrait because the viewer is distracted by the tiny pimples and imperfections instead of dwelling in her beauty.

Of course, the above concept is lost to the pixel peeper where technical perfection is paramount and character in a lens is a flaw.

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