July 2020 Part 2 — This Month Through Your Adapted Lens

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Re: Russian projection lens KP-35 1,8/120

fferreres wrote:

Pretty awesome. Thanks for the quick explanation. I looks like an ad photo. Of course we generally don’t process the photos too much here, so we know what the lens does, but your posts shows what happens after processing a lower contrast photo.

You have very nice retouching skills, and combined with odd optics it looks very nice. It’s actually confusing to many that a good source for editing is a LOW contrast photo.

Thanks for sharing the original. Sometimes we want the lens to do all the work!

I would not usually post heavily edited images (apart from ones with a few quick corrections with "sliders") on a post showcasing the lens but I feel that in the monthly digest more creative license is granted 

A flat image allows for "light painting" where the highlight and shadows have not fallen outside the dynamic range of the sensor and information is not lost yet. In post processing I can decide what I will emphasize, which area needs to be brought forward and which one can be toned down as supporting "framing".  I don't see myself as a photojournalist nor a "purist" but I like to use photographic tools (lenses and software) to create a visual story. Documenting events and locations for the sake of it (as historical documents) has never been my interest. Now, if you really want to see magic, true light painting in editing, check out lightrider.at .  I am just a rookie compared to his work 

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