How hot is too hot for 2019 mbp Lightroom import?

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Re: How hot is too hot for 2019 mbp Lightroom import?

Gesture wrote:

At least we can buy extra batteries to swap in. Oh, wait!

Nice try at humor, but proved to everybody that you are living in the 20th century.

I know what you are getting at, I bought two batteries for my PowerBook G3 Pismo 20 years ago because it had dual modular bays which were awesome for swapping drives, batteries, and more. You could load both batteries at the same time!

Battery swaps were beloved because they were all anyone ever knew. But you had to interrupt your work and shut down the computer because all power would be cut. The battery you swapped in was highly proprietary, expensive, and would never work with any future Mac laptop you were going to buy in the future. It was a major expense that was not future proof.

Fast forward to today. What do you do if you need more runtime and you are not near an outlet? No problem! Because Apple switched from proprietary MagSafe to open USB-C with Power Delivery, all you have to do is plug in any USB-C PD power bank with sufficient wattage, from any manufacturer.*

ALL of them cost less than what Apple used to charge for a battery module. It is your choice how much capacity you want, all the way up to the max you can legally carry on a plane. I think there are even some very high capacity ones if you aren't getting on a plane. Much more choice than before.

ALL of them can be used with any compatible MacBook or PC laptop with USB-C PD ports. If you change laptops to a different or newer model, no problem, you can still use that power bank!

ALL come with extra USB ports, so you can charge other devices too. Your phone, your iPad, your camera that does USB charging like my Sony. They are not one-trick pony battery modules with proprietary connectors that can only do one thing for one device. They are generally useful to have in the laptop bag.

Instead of shutting down the laptop to do a battery swap, you just need to plug in the USB-C PD battery before the internal goes dead. Just a break of a few seconds and you can pick up your work where you left off, without quitting anything. And if you aren't using the full power of the MBP, the external battery will charge the internal. Try that with a battery swap, where if the drained proprietary battery is outside the laptop, it is dead weight that nothing can recharge unless you brought a rare proprietary external AC charger. But a USB power bank can easily be recharged.

It's so easy to rile up the "I hate change" graybeards by going "waaah wahh no battery swap Apple EVIL!!!" But that is only for those stuck in the past who cannot see that the state of Mac mobile power today is much, much better than it was in the days of battery swapping!

*One forum poster has complained that not all of them work with his 2019 MBP, but that's not Apple's fault. Amazon is full of reviews of other MBP owners happily charging away from Anker, Ravpower, and other USB-PD 60+ watt power banks.

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