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Re: Russian projection lens KP-35 1,8/120

fferreres wrote:

GnarlydogOZ wrote:

I refitted this rather bulky and heavy lens for Micro 4/3 camera via an off-the-shelf helicoid. Not very easy to focus and low in contrast but gives me an interesting bokeh. I wonder how would look like on FF. Here edited to taste.

35KP 1,8/120 on Olympus E-M1

I really really really like the processing. It is reminiscent or somehow reminiscent of very lively luts, or tending in some of the best 3D engines. I’d love to learn a bit of what you do here. The lens helps a lot it seem, to significantly lose contrast outside the focal plane.

I love this pic too. Stop or I’ll want not just the photo but also the motorcycle

Thank you.

For this image I looked specifically for a location where there would be out of focus foreground and soft background. The light was actually a bit flat (storm approaching) but the lens flared a lot against the light. The original file is positively low contrast, but perfect for post processing.

In Photoshop I created about 20 layers to bring contrast and pop to the motorcycle (XSR700) but maintain a certain softness to the surroundings. A layer of heavy HDR treatment was great for the moto but looked shocking for the natural bits. Masked accordingly to then enhance the light effect, mimicking a stronger light source from the left by "painting" highlight only on the areas that would be naturally lit, while maintaining deeper shadows. Spot sharpened, clone out some of the chromatic aberrations (there was a strong band of blue on the forks) and then color hued the background while keeping warm tones on the lit part.

And here is the original

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