July 2020 Part 2 — This Month Through Your Adapted Lens

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Re: E.Zuiko 100mm f3.5 (for Pen-F system)

fferreres wrote:

Could it be our eyes have some aberrations, so our brain is correcting them through a vast and complex neural process, such that when we are presented with the real object already flattened and we inspect it, it doesn’t sound real? I also got the same feeling from my Zuiko Pro 12-40, a really amazing piece with great photos, but then it’s quite good, almost perfectly boring.

Perfection can be technically achieved by a high-end mobile phone, yet I find that incredibly boring with always the same angle of view and the same clinical rendering with no character. I believe most of us (but no all) are here on this Forum because we want more than just sharpness 

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