Is there really a market for slow tele lenses?

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Re: Is there really a market for slow tele lenses?

In my opinion (note that i used to shoot Nikon so i am biased) I think Canon is going to crash and burn with the releases of the R5 and R6 and the new primes.

Early indications are that the camera bodies will NOT deliver on their promises. This is true to both video and still photography.

On the video side, the overheating issues is grabbing the headlines.

On the stills side i am seeing people complaining that the battery life is 1 hour while actively shooting, the viewfinder lag is problematic, the auto-focus is inaccurate and that the dynamic range is poor.

Combine these with the new F11 lenses and i think you have a recipe for a complete disaster.

I think a lot of people will try out the new lenses due to the range and the low prices (so yes i think they will sell, big time) but i do not see many happy customers. From what i have seen the resolving power of these lenses are not very impressive. I guess some people will live with that, but most will not.

Note the above is my impression of other peoples information, so do not sell all of your canon stock just yet.

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