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Re: Lens Hoods

Barry Duggan Photography wrote:

Just curious to see if people use lens hoods on their film cameras, particularly 35mm SLRs.

Rarely, but  mostly shot with shorter lenses and hoods were not really A Thing back in my formative days. I always used UV lenses but am having second thoughts about that -- I like them for lens protection (one saved a Nikon zoom that took a swan dive off a shelv) but now I sometimes remove them for shooting.

I'm starting to do some longer-lens stuff with a Pentax 70-210 that has a built-in hood. Its retractable so not much good for lens protection but I will experiment with it more.

FWIW I have a hood for my digicam (Sony 6000) 18-55 and only use it if I see glare. It just seems to get in the way.

For the record i think my opinions are born more of habit and ignorance than sense.


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