Sigh...dust spot on my GR II

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Re: Well I did it anyways

what_i_saw wrote:

Funny thing is that otherwise my GR is very very clean from inside. The sensor was spotless and the rubber gasket was also surprisingly clean. Just a few specks of dust on the outer side. I never put it in pocket and do not touch the ADJ button. Maybe it makes an impact on dust ingress.

That and the up/down dial on the top front are two significant entry points of dust. The up/down dial is the worst, because particles can just fall in or be pushed in while rotating the dial. I've taped off this dial and have started to work only in manual mode. Because the ADJ dial is horizontal, it's a bit better in this respect.

The up/down dial should be replaced with a switch-type one, like the "plus/minus" switch on the right back (exposure adjustment). Don't know if it's possible.

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