How hot is too hot for 2019 mbp Lightroom import?

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Re: How hot is too hot for 2019 mbp Lightroom import?

As others have mentioned, it seems that Apple prefer MacBooks to run hot and quiet rather than cool and noisy. My 2012 MacBook Pro was getting too hot to touch when doing jobs like video rendering and Lightroom exports.

i reset the SMC but that didn’t help, so I installed Macs Fan Control from and set it to control the fan speed based on CPU PECI temperature; the fan speeds up at 60 degrees C and maxes out at 80. Probably over-conservative but it works for me and keeps things nice and cool.

The app has a paid-for pro version with more options but the free version is doing what I require. I tried a few similar apps and found this one had a simple but intuitive interface.

I also found that FFMpeg is terrible for hogging the CPU and getting things hot, so I run AppPolice and have it set to limit FFMpeg to 90% CPU (out of a maximum 400%). Render jobs obviously take longer but I’d rather wait than feel like I’m setting the MacBook on fire.

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