Question about on-camera flash comparability

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Re: Question about on-camera flash comparability

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And sometimes Canon changes the hotshoe protocol with newer models. There have been issues with the M bodies, the R bodies, the 5DMkII,...

Mistake. 5D Mk IV is what I meant.

Thank you (and everyone else!) for the helpful information. I was looking at getting a Godox TT600 but I wasn't too sure if it would work or not.

The TT600 is a single-pin manual speedlight. It's a "universal" model for all ISO-compliant hotshoes (basically everyone but old Minolta/Sony cameras that used the iISO hotshoe). But it doesn't do TTL at all. And only does HSS as an off-camera radio slave, not on-camera on the hotshoe.

The only issue I've had with a TT600 (no HSS with an XPro-F) is with my Fuji gear.

The main drawback to a TT600 are that it doesn't do firmware updates (so newer features, such as ID codes, or turning off the slave-active indication LED blinking, or channel scanning) are not possible.  It also doesn't do "smart" optical slave/master (like a TT685-C or V860II-C can), and it cannot be a TTL/HSS radio master.

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