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One of the disadvantages of the old rangefinder cameras was that using lens hoods caused real problems. There were special lens hoods made for rangefinder cameras with hole cutouts that helped (a little)

Nah, I think that NOT using hoods on a rangefinder causes real problems. Unlike with an SLR, you may not even see the flare through the viewfinder. And, if you do see it, attempts at hand shading will fail, because you will be hand shading the viewfinder, but, not the taking lens.

You just have to make sure you use the right hood, because, yes, the wrong hood may vignette your photos. And, the vented hoods are used on rangefinders so they do not block a corner of the viewfinder.

Rangefinder cameras pay a heavy price to retain that retro viewfinder that suffers from parallax error, lens and hood blockage and awkward use with zoom lens. That is why there is a market for those $750 auxiliary Leica add-on electronic viewfinders for the well heeled.

I always feel nekkid when using a rangefinder without a hood. I recently got a Konica Auto S2 fixed-lens rangefinder. The nice thing about this camera, is that it has a built-in sliding hood -- huzzah!

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