Question about on-camera flash comparability

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Re: Question about on-camera flash comparability

NixonS wrote:

Vunite wrote:

I assume the question was also: I do buy the Canon variant, but does it work on any more or less recent Canon DSLR/DSLM from the last 10 years or so.

Good catch.

Yep, I assume it will work, right?

Generally, yes. AFAIK, the 5D classic and the T7i are both compatible with all the Godox "for Canon" flashes. No idea about the Yongnuo these days, but I'd assume the 5D is safe, and I'd do a google on the T7i, but also assume it's compatible if I didn't find any reports of it not working.

If you go back to film bodies, there are issues with TTL (because digital TTL and analog TTL are done differently. Digital uses the preflash; analog uses a sensor in the camera body, like a thyristor).

And sometimes Canon changes the hotshoe protocol with newer models. There have been issues with the M bodies, the R bodies, the 5DMkII, and (iirc, I may not) the 80D. Those all did get addressed with firmware updates, but there was a period of time when the Godox flashes were not fully compatible with these bodies while they were new.

In addition, Canon recently removed the sync connector from the the hotshoe for the T7, the T100, and SL3, and Godox did issue firmware fixes. But the SL3 mostly seems to have its issues ironed out, but I've seen reports of compatibility issues even with the firmware updates.

3rd party gear is reverse-engineered, so there's always going to be a compatibility risk, but the ability to firmware update tends to minimize that.

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