Photographing Neowise with 600mm lens

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Late arriving advice for Craig

Sorry to be so late to jump in now that the comet is dimming. Maybe it could be useful on the next comet 😁

1. TC’s are a losing game for stationary camera astrophotography in a huge way. They simultaneously reduce your longest acceptable exposure time and increase your shortest acceptable exposure time. Bit of a paradox there.

1b. If you have a MFT camera, get a focal reducer for it! The opposite of a TC.

2. Post processing can pull out a significantly longer comet tail, by far, than what is apparent from a single sky fog limited exposure. The basic idea is to subtract a uniform amount of brightness from the entire frame. You end up with a much darker sky and a slightly darker comet. Don’t rely on only Exposure and Contrast, try also Black Point and Dehaze (if available).

3. Sequator is a free stacking program. Signal to Noise ratio is the problem, stacking is an elegant solution.

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