Unlimited Amazon Photo storage with Prime Problem (cr3 and new Canon cameras)

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Re: Unlimited Amazon Photo storage with Prime Problem (cr3 and new Canon cameras)

I've contacted them on this issue in the past (and had the customer service rep promise to forward the information on to their technical team) but nothing has changed in the over 2 years since the introduction of the CR3 format. It's genuinely absurd, especially considering the fact that the CR3-shooting M50 has been a top-selling mirrorless camera on Amazon since its introduction.

Since the Amazon Photo software doesn't actually decode any of the RAW images (it only extracts and displays the embedded jpg preview), theoretically any of these formats should be just interchangeable binary data and require no special handling in their system other than A) adding the file extension to the filter in the uploader software, B) updating their software to correctly extract the JPG preview within the file, and C) perhaps implementing a simple sanity-check to verify that they are actually CR3-format files and not (for example) archive, video, or executable files renamed to .CR3 in an attempt to circumvent the storage limits - which they likely already do for all files anyway.

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