How hot is too hot for 2019 mbp Lightroom import?

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Re: How hot is too hot for 2019 mbp Lightroom import?

h2odavid wrote:

Vents are only on the sides and back, not bottom.

That makes the assumption that a MacBook Pro is only cooled via vents. I do not think so.

Since the first MacBook Pros 15 years ago, I’ve noticed fans coming on when all vents are free and unblocked, but the bottom is directly on a pillow or seat cushion. Take the laptop off it, and the fans stop and temps go down.

I concluded that the big flat metal bottom is part of a heat sink dependent on air flowing between it and the surface below, and when you cut that off, it compromises cooling. If it is on a hard surface, the feet on the bottom seem to raise the bottom just enough for air to flow across the metal bottom and carry away the heat there. But the feet are ineffective on soft surfaces so the bottom heat goes nowhere.

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