Photographing Neowise with 600mm lens

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Re: Photographing Neowise with 600mm lens

Mike Sandman wrote:

Justme wrote:

Mike Sandman wrote:

Unless you're using a fast wide angle lens, you'll probably want to take multiple short exposures and stack them.

I am new to astrophotography. Mostly I have done Northern Lights. Why does using a fast wide-angle not require muliple shots and then stacking them?

Basically, an increase in focal length increases the magnification of incoming light to our camera. When we magnify an image, we similarly magnify the motion blur. The motion is still there if you use a wide-angle lens, but it's not visible because you've captured a much wider field of view on your 36mm-wide full frame or 24mm-wide APSC sensor. It's like lookat at an object with the naked eye vs. using a magnifying glass -- you can see more detail with the magnifying glass.

Thanks Mike.

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