Anyone else going to wait for 5D Mark V

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Re: Wait for 5D5 Last Release?

Maverick07 wrote:

IRT to the rumors on the 5D5 being the last DSLR from Canon. Seriously consider this as marketing strategy. Those of us waiting for the release will jump on it expecting this to be the last version. Canon makes a huge sale only to come back 4 years later with the 5D6.

Not really interested in higher MP. What I would like to see is lower noise level sensor and higher DR.

News postings show incredible results with noise reduction software from academia and science. However, have not seen this come to fruition. They may be integrating some of the features. No major leap in noise reduction AI. May be they will add this as a feature in the 5D5.

Canon has to realize there is a niche user group for the DSLR. Smart phone image capability has come on strong. Also the ability to send immediate images to others makes this a very viable option. Trying to convince someone who is content with their phone is very difficult they need to purchase a camera which is 3 X the size, twice the cost, and add lenses is a difficult if not a remote chance they will jump on it.

Let see if Canon is listening and brings to market a practical choice for the DSLR group.

i hope canon/nikon don't discount the interest of a huge silent majority of dslr fans. i am sure their marketing departments have researched and knows about this issue, therefore i see a tremendous potential sale in introduction of 5Dmk5/7Dmk3, if canon wises up and introduces the aforementioned 2 cameras in the future! $6,500 (1Dx III) is way too much money for average birders and from the comments and silent majority dslr owners, 5Dmk5 will be received very warmly by the fans, it well easily eclipse sale of R5, if it happens! we'll see what transpires in the future.

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