Lens Hoods

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Steven Seven
Steven Seven Regular Member • Posts: 362

I never use hoods on anything for the following reasons:

  • They make a camera bulky and visible.
  • It slows me down, because I like to carry my cameras in a small messenger bag, so pulling it in/out is harder with a hood.
  • I do not care about flare with modern lenses. They keep contrast well and even when they flare, the effect is usually beautiful.
  • I do not care about "protection", TBH I can't even imagine what needs to happen to scratch the front element. In 20 years the absolute worst thing I've seen happen to my lenses was a fingerprint.

[edit] I realize that different people have different shooting/handling habits and some are probably more prone to scratching the font element (I have a relative like that) so I kind of see why some may want a hood.

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