Canon announces some revolutionary new lenses

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Re: Canon announces some revolutionary new lenses

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In your same statement above as I do not know how to cut and paste you are saying the lens is 20% more in the states and the lens is 20% more in the Uk so what one is it..?

Every state has it's own sales tax, stated MSRP prices in the US do not include sales tax because the manufacturer has no idea where you will buy the lens. In the UK there is a national Value Added Tax (VAT) added to the price before it is listed.

There is also the exchange rate to consider. 10,000 GBP would convert to about 12,500 USD.

So, if you consider a base price of 12,500 USD and add the 20% VAT you come up with 15,000 USD which would convert to 12,000 GBP as the listed price in the UK.

Your figure are ALL WRONG for the list price of the Nikon 800MM F/5.6 FLED in the "UK". List price from Nikon is 17,999.00 Pounds sterling without tax.. what I am getting at this lens is not a 12,000 lens nowhere and I also own one..

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