Lenses for the CL?

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Re: Lenses for the CL?

Joon Lee wrote:

WSLam wrote:

23mm Summicron is fantastic. Compact, excellent IQ.

35mm Summilux has fantastic Bokeh and resolution, but it is bulkier, esp with the lens hood

18-56... slower but actually very decent and super light.

18mm... pancake. super compact, ok quality, but not much background separation..

my one lens vote would be 23/2

It's interesting because the little 23 gets poor reviews from many reviewers. I think it's because they are comparing it to a really stellar 35/1.4TL.

For me, I reach for the 23 much more than the 35.

I have found the reviews for the 23 a bit strange, has always worked well for me. I generally think the reviewer prefers the equivelent 50mm view to a 35 frame. I have also never used mine on f2 always stopped down.

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