Powershot SX530hs continuous shot.

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Re: Powershot SX530hs continuous shot.

WayneWindsor wrote:

Good afternoon, my daughter has just purchased the above camera. Her passion is aviation photography, mainly fast jets. I understand there are two continuous shot settings but when she activates them and starts the shot the screen goes blank and she cant follow the aircraft. Is that normal or is she doing something wrong??

I don't have this specific camera, but in my experience most PowerShots behave in a similar way: If you hold the shutter down in continuous drive mode (set in the func menu on sx530) it shows each preceding shot until the next one is taken. Not sure if this is what you meant, but in any case it's quite difficult to track fast moving subjects, especially on cameras that shoot at a low frame rate. There is definitely no mode that shows normal live view while shooting continuously, the sensor is tied up for significant time to read out a full image.

sx530 also has a high speed burst mode, but none of my cameras have that so I'll leave it someone else to chime in if it's different.

An alternative is to take single shots and use the framing assist button to zoom out and re-acquire the target, but obviously you get fewer shots this way.

Another thing people do is rig a red dot sight, like mentioned in https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4178785 but unfortunately sx530 doesn't have a hot shoe, so some other mounting strategy would be required.

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