Nikon 58mm 1.4G VS 50mm 1.8s

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Re: Nikon 58mm 1.4G VS 50mm 1.8s

First one 58mm?

You post excellent photos and have the advantage of using both, so why not give us your view?  I suspect the 58 is morE niche, but cannot be beaten in that niche.

My personal experience of 50mm focal length tis with the 50mm f1.8S, 50mm f1.4G, Zeiss f1.4 Milvus and Meike f.17 Z.  I would say the 50mm f1.4G is better than reputation would suggest, but can exhibit busy bokeh, CA, limited sharpness at wide apertures.  I love the look of the 58mm, just don’t shoot enough of these photos to justify the price.  The Zeiss Milvus is always aesthetically excellent and beats the Z 50mm S beyond f5.6, i.e. it is the better landscape lens for colour, contrast and edge to edge (not corner) sharpness stopped down.  The Z 50mm S is a great general purpose 50mm with auto focus, but can be beaten for colour, bokeh and full frame sharpness at small apertures.  It really is excellent at wider apertures though and a bargain and highly recommended.  The Meike is not the manual focus handling dream an old F mount lens is with its variable aperture ring forward of the focus ring, but is boringly fee of flaws, mechanically enjoyable to use and (perhaps due to field curvature) very strong in the corners.

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