Wacom Cintiq vs Wacom Tablet and what size for photo retouching

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Re: Wacom Cintiq vs Wacom Tablet and what size for photo retouching

Digitalshooter2 wrote:

Is it easy to find your spot in the photo with the tablet? I mean not much guessing is needed. That is the benefit i see with Cintiq type displays.

Think of your mouse. The reason you can find your spot is when you move the mouse, without having to put the mouse on the screen itself, is that if you nudge the mouse the cursor on screen moves so you know where you are. Then you move the cursor to the part of the picture where you need to edit, and get to work.

With a tablet using Wacom-type technology, there is a zone above the tablet surface that can sense that the stylus is near. On my Wacom it is about half an inch above the surface. If I move the stylus within that zone without touching the tablet, the cursor moves on screen so I can know where it is, like a mouse. I do not have to touch the stylus to surface until I actually want to make a mark. Hover, position, click.

There is one difference however. Tablets use absolute position. If you want to edit the upper left corner of your pic, you lower the stylus to the upper left corner of the tablet live area and the cursor jumps from wherever it is to the top left corner of the screen. Mice use relative position instead, which is why you pick up the mouse, put it down in a different part of the desk, but the cursor is still at the same position where you left it.

What was described in the previous paragraph is configurable on most tablets. You want it to use mouse-like coordinates? There's an option. You want to change the live area rectangle, or make the tablet cover two screens? There's an option.

Some users pay hundreds more for the tablets with built in screen because even though it is not necessary, it is worth it to them to see the stylus tip interacting with the drawn image together in the same place like real pencil on paper. Instead of looking up at the screen while the hand is down on the desk. Even though we were already used to that with the way the mouse works.

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