Wacom Cintiq vs Wacom Tablet and what size for photo retouching

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Re: Wacom Cintiq vs Wacom Tablet and what size for photo retouching

davidedric wrote:

Digitalshooter2 wrote:

I am thinking about switching to a tablet or Wacom Cintiq for photo editing. I usually do not dabble in “art” drawings, just retouching my photos. Mouse seems too imprecise at times and now my hand hurts using mouse for too long.

What is your experience about these options? What works best for you and why?

Do you still use both Wacom and mouse or just Wacom?

Also, size is a concern. Small, medium or large? I don’t have enough money to buy one of each and try for myself to find out.

There have been a number of threads on this, with differing opinions.

For me a Wacom small works best. I have a single display. The tablet maps to the screen not the whole image, so for detailed work on small areas just zoom in.

I use tablet and mouse, one in either hand. You have to concentrate though!

I was trying to understand why the preference is the Cintiq 22  and not the Cintiq 22HD, which has more bells and whistles.    I've already made up my mind to get the Cintiq 22, but am curious about that Cintiq 22HD.

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