Sigma fp: What's the Point of 12bit DNG RAW? One is True HDR Video

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Re: Sigma fp: What's the Point of 12bit DNG RAW? One is True HDR Video

tagscuderia wrote:

Hi Mark, your response to Ted was utterly uncalled for and comparable to a previous thread’s response to myself. From what you've written thus far, it appears that you yourself are learning, and excited about the SIGMA fp, which is great but your replies are confrontational − if people bother to take the time to reply, I'm sure that it's to help you or to educate themselves.

One small technical remark: Cinema DNG does not have a colour space per se i.e. Rec. 2020, and the gamut of the fp may or may not exceed that of Rec. 2020. It is our job as photographers/graders to interpret the data to fit within the confines of our output medium, just as you're doing with LDR and HDR.

Will you be upgrading your display for editing HDR? When I last upgraded, most displays advertised as HDR... were not e.g. DisplayHDR 400

P.S. I preferred the Black Point in your LDR video but it's a compelling comparison! I have calibrated my TV, separately for both LDR and HDR.

I am not sure what you mean that DNG RAW does not have a color space "per se." The sensor has some color gamut. We need to inform Resolve  what the gamut is so it can make the correct transform to, say, rec. 709. There are only pre-sets. But I am happy to learn more.

It is good now that displays have the standardized HDR rating so one can distinguish which are truly HDR-capable.

I have already apologized for the response to the person who was questioning basic facts that I could not remove. However, the person I was responding to was not in any way trying to be helpful and at the end resorted to name-calling, revealing his true character. And I was not defending the fp, but rather truth and my integrity. But let's not rehash that.

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