speedlights and umbrellas for studio portraits?

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Re: speedlights and umbrellas for studio portraits?

per55 wrote:

Thanks for the reply - super helpful!

tugwilson wrote:

per55 wrote:

1) i can buy 2 tt560 speedlights to use along with my tt685 (and 3 umbrellas) for three point lighting setup - optical slave.

Why a TT560 which is a low powered virtually obsolete Godox speedlight when you can get a TT600?

i was interested in getting the tt560 because it is available in the uk online as a dual set for roughly $50. However I can get another speedlight - would you recommend getting 2 additional Godox TT600s for my purpose, or another speedlight?

Just to expand a little on what tugwilson wrote, the TT560 is a much older model made by Godox, and it gets rebranded nearly everywhere as a super-cheap sub-US$40 speedlight. For a while, it was also the Amazon Basics flash, and is also the Neewer NW560. It's on a par with the really really crappy old Yongnuo YN-560 (Mark I).

It's probably the same on power output as a TT600, actually, though, since its head doesn't zoom, iirc, and is stuck at 35mm setting; while the TT600's GN is measured @200mm zoom.

But its disadvantages vs. a TT600 are many.

  • It has no built-in radio triggering that allows for power control. To use it with the Godox radio system, you'd need to purchase a US$40 X1R receiver, which effectively eliminates the price advantage. And if you used it with the receiver, you'd only have sync; no remote power control or HSS, as with a TT600.
  • The head only swivels 270º vs. 360º
  • It has no LCD display, only a single row of LEDs. (I.e., you have to count the LEDs and do power-of-2 math to figure out if you're at 1/4 power or 1/16 power)
  • It has no zoom capability
  • It has no recycle beep

For the radio triggering alone, the TT600 is worth the increase in price.

Also completely agree with tugwilson: start low and slow. Get what you need as you need it. Multiple flashes right off the bat is more likely to slow any learning you do by making the picture more complex. Hard enough to relearn exposure from the ground up with flash as it is.

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