Moving up from 1gb ethernet

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Re: What's the harm in trying?

tkbslc wrote:

You are not wrong, but this new networking gear is expensive. We got used to gigabit switching selling for $25. This new 10/2.5GbE stuff is like $500+ for a low end 8 port switch. And 10Gb NICs are $200-500. So it's not like you can recommend someone drop a couple grand on a network setup because it might work if you are lucky and having higher quality cabling in the wall than average.

I added a 10G connection between my NAS and desktop on the cheap.

It's just a direct connect between the two systems so no switch or router.

For the NAS:

For the desktop:

And a 3ft CAT-6 patch cord.

$200 for the lot and installation was a breeze.

Since most of the data movement is between those two systems, the gain is significant for me. Everything else on my network can still access the NAS via the built-in 1G connection.

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