5D vs EOS R - Longevity?

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Re: 5D vs EOS R - Longevity?

alexportrait wrote:

I own an old 6D. It does the job, but you know, always looking for an upgrade. I think it's time.

I have been torn between the 5D IV and the mirrorless system with the EOS R. I think mirrorless is what the future holds and all companies should only be focusing on that for the next years, so it would make more sense to go for the EOS R. But these smaller cameras keep me thinking if the R is more fragile than the 5D line.

My 6D is a workhorse. I know the 5D also is. I just shot with a 5D Mark II from a friend that was still in perfect state. I know they have amazing longevity. I just don't feel the same sense when I hold an EOS R. They are so light and small and the overall feeling is just fragile.

I don't want my cameras to become an iPhone kind of thing where I feel tempted to change every 1-2 years with the new launches. I had this 6D for a really long time, and plan to have my next camera also for a really long time.

Bottom line: do you think the R system will last as long and be as robust as the 5D?

PS If I had the means I'd totally go for the R5 just for the specs but we ain't got no money for that lol in Canadian dollars it's a $2000 jump from 5D IV to R5.

For me personally I prefer the DSLR vs ML but if I were younger I would wait for second gen r5 or R1? and build a system from there. I am currently really close to an optimal system for me

I don't plan another camera body purchase but don't rule it out and it's clear the mirror is becomming extinct.

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