Panasonic GX9 still a good buy?

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Re: Panasonic GX9 still a good buy?

uniball wrote:

I’m a former Fuji shooter. As I travel at least 4 months each year, I moved to m43 (gx85 and gm1) to reduce weight and lens size. m43 zooms cover more range and ibis keeps iso low enough that DR is comparable to my Fuji's (many including your xp1 and x100t, I also currently own an rx100m3, and also find it fiddly, pushed it aside with a far more fun to shoot Panasonic gm1).

No other way to say it, I miss my Fuji kit. My move to m43 was intelligent and, for travel, wont change. However my heart tells me I’ll be buying either an xe3+xf18+xf35/2 or an x100v in the very near future.

Pros for Fuji: The cameras are a pleasure to use. jpeg only shooting is just fine and far better than either of my m43 cams where jpegs have no headroom and artifacts quickly show up when moved from default settings. The color science is more attractive to me. Fuji lenses have 2 consistent renders: older lenses are lush with character, newer more modern render but still lovely. m43 lenses tend to vary a lot. I’m drawn to my PL15. My O25/1.8 is a totally different render as is my P12-35/2.8 and P14-140. Raw based shooting and different renders make post more challenging, as in time consuming. If one accepts whatever output the file provides, it’s not an issue.

I’ve owned and sold the P12-60. Found it soft and devoid of character. It’s not an xf18-55 replacement.

Pros for m43: ibis in a small package. It’s a game changer, especially for travel and avoiding lugging around a complement of f/1.4 primes for evenings and indoors. Very good build quality. I’m impressed with how well buttoned together my GX85 is and controls operate with a firmness and definition that can be lacking in Fuji. Some, limited, level of dust and splash resistance. For travel, I could do the world with only my PL15 and 14-140. With Fuji that's at least one more lens and all would be considerably larger and heavier. Cost effective. You get a lot of camera/lens for your money.

The gx9 stands a good chance of being replaced soon. I’d hold off. Wait for a blow out sale or a more attractive new model.

I am keeping my Fuji gear no matter what. XP1 was bought used for 400$ 3 years ago, not worth much on the market anymore but worth a lot to me and it sometimes produce JPEG's that make angels sing.

X100V oh boy, please don't talk about it OK, I love love my X100T and on short holidays in Thailand where I live, I just bring that one along and that is fine in 90% of the time, take the shots you can and forget about the rest is liberating sometimes, 23mm (35mm f/f) is a very good documentary/general focal length. I don't see 4/3 having this focal length? 15mm and 20mm might work.

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