Is the supposed LX100ii dust problem a real problem?

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Re: Is the supposed LX100ii dust problem a real problem?

Most of the copies I had of the MK1 didn't have dust. So it would be interesting to see the stats.


Ed B wrote:

Bejersey wrote:

Allen in Bethesda, MD wrote:

I agree. Also, we and DP Review have no knowledge of in what conditions the cameras with dust problems were operated. People don't usually say much when cameras work as expected - only complaining when something doesn't. In order to accurately determine how prevalent the dust problem is, it would be necessary to poll every owner of the LX 100 and LX 100 ii.

The complaints here for openers. And here in the states, the amount of dust related repairs Panny did under warranty. If DP Review asked if the MK II had solved the problem than DP Review knew of it.


I probably shouldn't comment because I have the Leica equivalent to the LX100 but I haven't had any problems.

I bought the camera, used, about 2-years ago. The person I bought it from estimated that it had been used for close to 8000 pictures and I've probably put a couple thousand more on it with no dust problems, so far.

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