fp Horizontal green lines with ISO 6?

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Re: fp Horizontal green lines with ISO 6?

bizi clop wrote:

If it were laser damage it would be much more noticeable:



Also the lines are too regularly spaced, so I guess it's a behaviour of the camera.

I agree, hopefully there hasn't been any permanent damage to the pixels along those lines. I might do a test with an LCD screen to check the RGB values at each line once I have more time.

So is the bottom line that the lines only appear when the photo is already unsalvageably overexposed?

Almost, it seems the lines are guaranteed when there's overexposure, but there is still a chance of it occurring with a salvageable exposure. Below is the extracted JPEG from the original ISO 6/50s exposure with the important parts censored out.

I'll probably listen to your suggestion and contact Sigma about this, I just hope I don't get the standard "send your item in before we think about this" response I've encountered before.

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