Have you ever sold used gear to KEH or B&H

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Re: Have you ever sold used gear to KEH or B&H

It is difficult to sell used gear for a decent price, they always try to undercut. Of course they can't really put a price on it until they physically examine it, but I see them offer $100 on stuff they can sell for $300 or $500, so they're massively lowballing. I've seen them offer $100 on a $1600 camera in perfect condition with the box and accessories. After some protest, they offered $200. I saw no need in bothering anymore, the offer was an insult.

Used camera places often offer "decent" prices when they sell used gear, but if you saw what they're generally paying for it, their "decent" prices look outrageous and greedy. In my opinion, a reseller should generally shoot for around 20-30% profit. But in reality, they actually shoot for triple digits in profits.

On a 5D they will sell for $300, they'll offer $80. From what it looks like, the resale market has become extremely predatory. They'll take your gear, if it's the lowest cost, so they can resell it for massive profits.

Of course, selling yourself can have problems like theft and payment issues, but if you're only getting a fraction of the value from a resale company, that's robbery too.

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