M43 bleeding stills photographers ... imvho

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Re: M43 bleeding stills photographers ... imvho

Funny Valentine wrote:

Gnine wrote:

Funny Valentine wrote:

Yes, the em1.2 is the largest acceptable body for stills. The likes of em1.X, G9 and GH5 are way too big for the small sensor.

M43 will end once Canon and Sony will introduce small f/5.6 or f/8 pro grade weather sealed zoom lenses.

He he he he he. There's some funny sh!t dribbled in here. The EM1 is fine, the G9 is unacceptably huge & enormous. Ha ha ha ha. Reality check

A 2D screenshot to describe a 3D object. Your example is irrelevant. The G9 is thicker, taller, wider and heavier than the em1.2 and your screenshot doesn't show it. Also the grip is excessively thick for fitting a small battery inside.

Exactly! As is evident to anyone who's handled both of them in a real store. Please, everyone, stop saying the G9 isn't large. By m43 standards it's gigantic.

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