M43 bleeding stills photographers ... imvho

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Re: M43 bleeding stills photographers ... imvho

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It appears to me that m43 stills photographers get killed from two sides:

1. Olympus and Panasonic produce huge cameras and negate the weight and size advantage of m43 vs bigger formats.

2. M43 goes video centric. So bigger cameras are necessary for heat dissipation.

Overall that means that the weight of m43 and the new FF from Canon and Nikon becomes similar and so pixel loving stills photographers gravitate to FF cameras.

The new Nikon Z5 just delivered another body slam to the m43 community. Anyone walking into a camera store and wanting a serious camera for the first time will compare the z50, Z5, RP with the m43 offerings and will likely conclude that m43 costs the same, weights the same but delivers less IQ than FF. A no-brainer decision, or not?

I am afraid m43 will slowly bleed out of stills photographers and become fully video centric.

Unless someone at Panasonic or Olympus has the balls to produce small stills-centric cameras.



The E-M5's and E-M1 aren't exactly huge, relative to older DSLR's of the same calibre.

Right, and a collie is huge relative to a chihuahua, a hippo is huge relative to a collie, an elephant is huge relative to a hippo . . .

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