Is there a future for crop formats?

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Re: Is there a future for crop formats?

lattesweden wrote:

In the shorter term as FF sensors get cheaper and most of the rest in the bodys have the same cost no matter sensor size I can't see crop format live as happily as it has done. Also on the lens side we see quite many light and cheap FF lenses from Samyang and Tamron for instance that also eats up crop advantages.

On the lenses part yes, 3rd party lenses are getting better and cheaper.

Lenses like the tamron 70-180 f2.8 are great.

For the bodies, its not that simple.

Entry level bodies (not really entry level but mid-range) crop cameras weight 400g. For exemple the Sony 6400 or the Fuji X-T30. Thats already a 275 grams difference.

Second is that while the Z5 for exemple might be cheaper than the X-T4, one is na entry level, while the other is a top end camera.

For exemple the Z5 only has Continuous drive 4.5 fps, only does 4k 30p, and theres not a slow mo option (@120fps).

There are other diferences of course. However, the Z5 bring a lot of good things to a 1400 euro FF camera, like a nice viewfinder, dual card slot UHS-II, etc...

Just like the FF market, the APS-C will shrink, thats for sure.

And remembre true entry level APS-C cameras cost 600-700 euros with a kit lens already included, and thats half the price of the Z5 body.

I didn't bring the a6000 or A7II to the table because they are old tech, , although i wouldn't mind buying one of those used if i was learning photography.

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