Sigma fp: What's the Point of 12bit DNG RAW? One is True HDR Video

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Re: Sigma fp: What's the Point of 12bit DNG RAW? One is True HDR Video

Markr041 wrote:

You know nothing about video. You [don't] know what you are talking about. Your links are bizarre.

You don't shoot video, you can't view HDR video, and you [don't] want to learn. I gave you links about the dynamic range limits of Rec. 709.

You gave me links to opinions that refer to Rec. 709.

Read this again and tell me where it SPECIFIES a dynamic range limit or even mentions dynamic range.!!PDF-E.pdf

Here's a link to Rec. 2020:!!PDF-E.pdf

It does not SPECIFY any dynamic range either. Dynamic range is only mentioned in passing with reference to future output devices:

"ultra-high definition television (UHDTV) is expected to become available in the near future with, inter alia, larger screens, higher spatial/temporal resolution, wider colour gamut, wider dynamic range, etc. taking into account developments of display technology"

So please refrain from misleading this forum by stating or even implying that the recommendations specify a dynamic range limit.

About the limits of 8bit. You do not need to thank me for trying to educate you about video. Please stick around and do not be afraid of being ignorant so you can learn.

Note to Members:

In spite of the OP's dire warnings about blue sky 8-bit color and consequent banding, here is an 8-bit sRGB blue gradient. (Rec. 709 blue primary):

Pure linear blue, running from about 4% HSV value up to 100% at top, 1080px from top to bottom. Anyone see dire horizontal banding? Apart from the OP, that is ...

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