Lenses for the CL?

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Re: Lenses for the CL?

As LeChef says, depends on you, what do you like to photograph.

My vote for one lens is also the 23 Summicron, small compact (until you put the lens shade on) and makes very nice images. Disclaimer, I use a lot of adapted lenses. I do a macro photos, favorite is an adapted 105 f2.8 micro Nikkor. For portraits I have a 55 f1.4 7 Artisans a lens that isn't perfect but the resulting images are way better than its price would indicate. This time of year I do a little bird photography for that I have a 200 and 400mm Leica Telyt lenses. For wider than the 23 I use an 11-16 Tokina adapted from Nikon (would prefer the Leica11-23 wide zoom) but the Tokina is what I have.

I also have some M lenses but they are generally on my M cameras. I have also used some older various brand lenses but the ones above are my go to lenses.

This is my favorite camera, small compact and makes lovely images.

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