No More 5D Series?

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Re: No More 5D Series?

Tizzio wrote:

May be its time for me to get a brand new 5D4 to replace my 5D3 while stock last...

If anything, I'd wait. They are a bit overpriced still considering their age and competition. While there might be a market for them by people trying to stick to OVF, there will also be tons of people who finally give in and switch to mirrorless, knowing they can't revolve their business around a dead aging system, especially if they need to switch up their lens system. Some people won't want to be doing that in a pinch as their 5D fails and they need to quickly get a replacement and decide it's time to move on to something new.

Sure they could use an adapter, but that kind of defeats the point of going mirrorless. So what will happen is that prices will drop drastically and people will be regularly dumping MK4's on the market.

Some of those MK4's might need new shutters, as pros have exhausted them, but even then it will eventually be cheap enough that you're still saving tons of money despite replacing the shutter, and you will essentially have a new MK4 after that, for a lot cheaper.

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