Sigma fp: What's the Point of 12bit DNG RAW? One is True HDR Video

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Re: Sigma fp: What's the Point of 12bit DNG RAW? One is True HDR Video

xpatUSA wrote:

Markr041 wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:

It would appear that video lives in a completely different world than that of normal digital imaging, so I'll bow out from this discussion before I get drowned in a sea of verbiage.

You are correct. You know nothing about video. You dont know what you are talking about. Your links are bizarre

You don't shoot video, you can't view HDR video, and you don't want to learn. I gave you links about the dynamic range limits of Rec. 709. About the limits of 8bit. You do not need to thank me for trying to educate you about video. Please stick around and do not be afraid of being ignorant so you can learn.

That's pretty rude. "Flaming" complaint filed. Goodbye, ventral orifice.

Actually I agree that this was too rude, and I was editing it completely, taking my time to be careful, when I got stopped from saving the new reply because you replied! I couldn't change it. Sorry about that. You did lose some sympathy by your juvenile name calling, though (I do understand the reaction).

I would be perfectly happy if that post was removed. And my apology is sincere; no matter how rude and aggressive and purposely obscuring you were, you did not deserve that response.Along with taking out the rude bits - my overeaction to a video flat earther - I was obtaining more links about the dynamic range of Rec. 709.

More links:

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