Mirrorless vs DSLR - Why I switched to a Nikon D500

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Re: Mirrorless vs DSLR - Why I switched to a Nikon D500

twan wrote:

Its an old post but this triggered me:

And the highlight weighted metering which basically is instant ETTR.

how does this work?

Well, actually it is exactly the opposite of ETTR.  Generally speaking exposing for the highlights essentially means underexposing the photo.  ETTR essentially means exposing for detail in the shadows with the idea of having less noise in shadow areas rather than having to "pull" the shadow areas in pp which introduces noise.  ETTR, of course may cause loss of highlight detail or overexposure of highlights ... depends on what you are shooting.  For a Great White Egret, you definitely want to underexpose, and highlight metering is tailor made for that and similar subjects.  Benefits of Highlight metering can be seen when shooting birds with only a small amount of white as well.  Generally speaking, slight underexposure tends to saturate colors, like the blue feathers on Great Blue Herons, which also have some white on their heads. So you get the detail in those white areas, and get nicely saturated colors in the dark blue feathers on the wings.


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